The Sensual Man

We have a monthly workshop in Barcelona, always on a friday evening. You will meet local guys and internationals, for 3 hours session full of touch and intimacy. 
In a safe space where all are welcome for a one time appearance or a long term process. Meeting up with mind like guys who love to touch, connect with their body and learn new techniques of massage. 
Each month the program varies starting from guided meditation, guided massages, chakra work systemic work and body consciousness.
Each evening starts at 20h till 23h ( public transport finishes at 2h). Each evening has a theme. You will get to know each other and create a safe space where we can share massage and learn new techniques to enjoy our sexuality. With a touch of magic we will both touch and be touched, get to know our body and soul. Every session we explore another tantric energy centre, associated with different colours.