Tantra Delight

In this 4-day intensive workshop, you and the group of willing men dive into the world of Eros, Tantras and erotic massage. We will show you fascinating possibilities to further develop and expand your sexual potential. 
Discover yourself in a community of men where everyone is accepted and loved as they are, the space where all your aspects are welcome.

This group of like-minded people will give you strength to discover your body and erotic needs in new ways.
Discover the interplay between the different aspects of your sexual impulses.

- Conscious Arrival - Leave your everyday life behind and focus on body awareness, deep sensing, movement and playful encounter.
- In the morning, meditations in silence introduce you to the themes of each day.
- Movement, dance and physical expression allow you to immerse yourself in deep connection to your own body.
- Step by step we show you the structure of the tension arc of a tantric massage session.
- You will be supported by various gentle and partly energetic breathing techniques.
- In a tantric ritual you will learn to release and transform boundaries and blockages of shame, shyness and guilt.

Some partner dialogues and sharings in the group are about how you can best integrate the experiences into your everyday life.


Small organizational change: (We can only enter the Tajet Garden from 19h!)

from 19:00 leave your suitcase in the Tajet Garden
from 20:00 meal at the Italians nice dinner with all of us etc.
From 21:30h opening round