Love & Spirit

Most growth processes that you can embark on with Gay Love Spirit begin in our Basics workshops and revolve around the body, energy, meditation, touch and massage. Thereafter, it is important to safely and consciously explore and integrate our shadow aspects (dependencies, addictions, limiting habits and untapped potentials). For this we offer workshops and training courses which you will find in the section Love & Spirit.
Together these constitute a path that will lead you deeply into yourself. We call these methods of modern mindfulness work, many different meditations deeper bodywork, voice and sound work, shamanism, Orgodynamik, bioenergetics, biodynamic therapy, systemic therapy, couples therapy and transactional analysis just to name a few.

Our workshops are a challenge on many levels. They form an entirely special framework that has little to do with normal ways of thinking and standards of behaviour. They are for people, who care about finding something and who want to follow new paths.

All that you need to bring to the workshops is your readiness to test your boundaries and perhaps redefine them. In your decision to participate, simply let yourself by led by the subject that particularly speaks to you. If you are uncertain of your choice, we will gladly support you in the decision-making. Call us or send us a letter, fax or e-mail.