Couples Training Module 1 Being together / Being alone

The first workshop focuses on getting to know who we are as individuals and understanding our relationship dynamics. 
We will discover that there are many different relationship models, with more than one recipe for a happy one. Sharing in a group helps us to understand what is special about our particular partnership. Also, it will give us ideas about how can we make it work better. 
The first step, however, is to open up and learn about ourselves as individuals and what we bring to the relationship. Many conflicts just disappear when it becomes clear to you where they come from.
Another point is to find out what is the right balance of togetherness.

 How often are you alone? How does that feel? Are you wanting more, or less? 
What are the benefits of being alone and what are the benefits of being together? 

How does that feel, do you want more from one or the other and how does your partner feel? What exactly are the qualities of being alone and what are the qualities of being together? How does it feel to be in the same place but to do something alone, and how does it feel to act together? There are many facets of feelings in this area that are worth sharing.

We live in an era where many things happen at the same time, sometimes we are changing rapidly; can our partnership sustain itself during our personal transformation? Are we judgemental about a partner’s new decisions? There are many facets of feeling in this area that are worth exploring.

We also work with touch in these workshops. Getting to know our selves as erotic beings is just as important as going deeper in mental and emotional levels.