Module 1: Eros and Nature

In Eros & Nature we establish a fundamental framework for the Training. We are all born from nature and we all live in it. Through this module you will learn to connect more deeply with nature and to build a lasting connection to it.

You will learn more about the profound energetic connections between nature and your body and how to benefit from these.
As a group we will work together to create an open and flexible space, anchored in nature, where we can experience moments of sensuality and beauty.

We will also establish the basic structure of the training program and of the smaller groupings:
- Making a first inventory: Where do I stand at this point of my life?
- Building a spiritual practice as a basis for our journey
- Creating a secure basis of meditation, body awareness breathing, movement and voice exercises for the following modules

The Areas and topics for exploration are:
•    Homecoming in the Circle of Men
•    Getting to know each other intimately while building a community in which we can be honest, authentic and present.
•    Finding a common ground
•    Where/how do I stand right now? What’s my starting point?
•    What’s my vision?
•    Statement of your intention for this journey

We start the process in a beautiful natural setting. Connecting with the powers of nature gives us wonderful support for our process. We will explore:
•    The Principles of Power. Tantra and Creativity in Nature
•    How can I surrender to nature? What can I learn from nature?
•    Shamanic approach: Elements and Directions
•    Shamanic Transformations in the Sweat Lodge

You will get out of it:
•    A powerful connection to nature
•    An experience of group bonding that will last for 2 Years and will support you on your path
•    A deep activation of your body. From hair to bones and into your cells
•    A safe space for intimacy and sexual encounters to happen in your own life.
•    A daily spiritual routine – giving you the tool of consciousness for everyday life
•    A roadmap of  your visions: essential milestones on your path within the next 2 Years