In this module you will explore all the parts of your body- enjoying the many different layers of it, including previously unexplored ones. Together we will have fun finding physical ways to be embodied - sensing, feeling, transforming and accepting our bodies. We will also discover how the body generates cycles of pain or shame and reconnect to our inner wisdom and ability to heal. Individually you will develop greater self confidence, whether working on your body or just enjoying it as it is.

In the second part we dive into the body and discover a sense of the miraculous through subtle breathing exercises, meditation and the practice of tantric energy exercises.
Your perception will gradually change and give you new perspectives, including a connection to the Universal flow of love and life energy.

Areas and topics for exploration:
•    Get deeper into your body
•    Find ways to love, listen, enjoy, respect and get to know your own body.
•    Body play
•    Sensory labs (light, touch, sound, taste, breath/air/smell) and sensual exploration.
•    How does your sensuality delineate pleasure and pain?
•    Display & expression (reading the body. What do you express? How do you express it and do you successfully express what you want to express). Is there a gap between your actual and ideal physicality? How do you deal with this?
•    Body characteristics, what matters most to you about your body? What do you most want / desire? What do you most like about yourself? What are you ashamed of? Let’s define your USP? Body dismorphia ...
•    What is health for you?  How do you feel? Paths to a healthy body/mind
•    What do you want to project to others. Showing yourself, walk around in drag…
•    Thoughts and feelings about your own body.
•    Learn to honor your own  inherent body wisdom through expression, sharing, exploring and opening up:
     - to your senses
     - your body awareness
     - your body’s needs
     - your body’s pleasures
•    Getting to know the character of other emotions connected to your body
•    The different energetic layers of the body

You will get out of it:
•    A greater connection to your own body and a greater understanding of how it works on all levels
•    Self confidence
•    The wisdom and skills to nourish/nurture/support your body in the best way - The ability to relate to the needs of your body
•    The ability to connect with universal energies – you will be able to let life energy into your system and use this energy.
•    Thankfulness for health
•    Love for your body
•    Enjoying your body and getting joy from it