Couple Training Module 2: Sharing is caring

Communication is an essential tool for any kind of relationship, be it friendship, parenthood or work relations. Honest and open sharing is the universal basis for trust in relationships and also for any healthy transformation. 

Withholding communication creates secrets. It can also create fantasies that can become much more incendiary than the things we are trying to hide. Mostly secrets complicate relationships unnecessarily, although some secrets may feel crucial for our sense of freedom and independence.  

In this module we also discuss issues around sex. In this sense, sex is another means of communication that rarely as such receives the attention it deserves.
How do both of the partners get the amount and quality of sex that they desire?
We will share important insights on open relationships and poly-relationships. 
We will question the notion that a good relationship needs a lot of sex in order to remain happy.

Sharing is caring.
Coming from a place of trust and being open about jealousy. We are not perfect and not always coherent. Occasionally in a relationship, we are bound to share contradictory feelings and desires. Sometimes, just by talking about it, things become clearer. Often, just taking a moment to breathe deeply when we hear something that we don’t like, makes all the difference. 
New communication skills allow you to grasp what is happening in the relationship on a deeper level. You also learn how to make it easier to get or achieve what you’re longing for. We will share our crises and create solutions. We will look at our partners and choose to trust them.