Module 3: Communication

In this module we focus on communication - both verbal and non-verbal. Communication frequently fails when we do not send and receive on the same wavelength. Relationships are based on communication However, and therefore it is extremely important to create the right conditions for clear communication to to take place. We have many habits when it comes to communication, sometimes we talk too much and do not share what we really intend to, or we remain silent because we do not dare to express what we feel.
In this module we learn to be aware and focused on what we want to express.

We will learn to communicate in different ways  - including movement, gestures, touch, voice, and energetic bodywork. You will learn many ways to express your innermost desires. And you will learn to be aware and confident when you are doing it.

We will explore:
•    Practicing being authentic, open and present with each other in the face of whatever may show up.
•    The art of listening
•    Self articulation through words, movement, art, body and sexual energy.
•    Asking for clarification and communicating physical, emotional and sexual needs
•    Exploring the power of being vulnerable.
•    Learning to say yes and no.
•    Dealing with secrets and shadows
•    How to communicate warmly and sensitively without language
•    The role of joy and humor in communication
•    How to recognize traps in communication and avoid stepping into them or deal with them when we do
•    Detect conflicts, pain and the dark sides of your personality. Access them for the growth of your communication.
•    Explore and deconstruct the programming and hidden messages you took on while growing up, These can often be unconscious and moralizing and distort clear communication.
•    We grew up in systems whose laws we assume often unconsciously. You will learn step by step to see what you're carrying on unnecessary ballast of moral concepts in the    context of relations and what effect this has on your communication. You will learn how to get rid of this ballast.

You will get out of it:
•    An ability to Listen
•    Safety through boundary setting and learning to communicate without limits or taboos
•    Conflict management in a creative and supportive way
•    Insight into where/how to meet/communicate with the people that you want to meet
•     Effectiveness in applying learnable structures of communication in friendships and relationships
•    Skills in recognizing and respecting your own needs for security and belonging,  and the ability to express them honestly with charm and style
•    An ability to communicate from an inner place of compassion and sympathy
•    New vocal skills
•    Non-verbal communication skills
•    Joy and humor in your communication