Module 4: Free your Sex

What you want, how you want it, when you want it? Are you taking care of your physical and erotic needs?

In this module we go for total satisfaction to fulfill our intimate and erotic cravings.  Are you looking for trust and safety, or dynamic, risky sex? Or both? Go all the way- without censorship, without shame.

Areas and topics for exploration:
•    Learning about Closeness and intimacy
•    the ongoing play with the male and female principles in sexuality
•    exploring your own core erotic themes
•    Discovering what you really want in sex
•    Learning from the sexual successful

You will:
•    Learn to take care of your own erotic needs
•    Create your own intimate space alone and with other men
•    Learn to sense and show vulnerability
•    Set sexual limits and respect those of others
•    Know how to seduce and flirt
•    Build up Sexual arousal
•    Achieve better and more satisfactory orgasms
•    Experience your desire
•    Learn ways to get what you want