Module 5: Relationships and Community

Many men share a deep need to grow together in loving relationships with other men. However, it often remains an unfulfilled longing.
Today we have many more options for the design of innovative and open relationships, but we are also much more ambitious about them. This is one of the reasons for failure in our relationships. Furthermore, there are very few positive role models for same-sex relationships in the media or in society.

There is a paradigm shift taking place in the hetero world as well. The traditional images of relationships are dissolving. Growth happens when our relationships go through changes. A change in beliefs and ethics in relationships is simultaneously an expression of spiritual developments in society. Certain old self-images are falling apart and the ego is losing importance. In this module we examine the conditions that are conducive to make conscious partnerships develop well .
Transparency and clarity about the rules and boundaries is extremely important.

Similarly, a transparency in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of your own personality, which of course includes your needs and your dark side, is important for your partnership.
In this module we will learn how we can deal in a more relaxed and open way with our desires and aspirations in relationships. We learn a lot of background information, structures and techniques to make our life more fulfilling so that we can enjoy our relationships.

Another important aspect is community - how much do you want to be in community? How does it feel living in communities? What does community mean to you? Are you part of a community or several communities? What skills do you possess for giving and receiving within these communities? How can you develop your communities to foster a sense of contentment in your life? What is your unique role in that process?

How can you build or connect to a community that suits you desires and dreams? How would you like to mature and age?