Travel with Friends

Travel with friends started in 2011 with a trip to Israel and Palestine. It has been a great success since then, with a second Israel-Palestine trip, two trips to Istanbul and in January 2016 a great trip to Cuba. Planned for the travel season 2016/2017 are 3 more trips: Cuba, Israel-Palestine and a promising new destination: Mexico.

Travel with friends has a different approach to travel, as the name says. We travel in a small group of maximum 10, to easily accommodate the wishes of our participants. On every trip we do a massage workshop together with local men, a great opportunity to have a better look at the gay scene in other cultures. Apart from touristic highlights we try to integrate less touristic aspects as well, like visiting The Westbank to get a better understanding of the socio-political situation in Palestine. We have a flexible program that is open to encounters, we like to accept invitations, and we welcome the unexpected. Meet us and travel with friends!