Winter Eros Retreat

The Winter Eros Retreat is an opportunity to leave behind your old ways; the ones that you have experienced and learnt from previous contact with other gay men, and discover new ones. Sexuality is the strongest characteristic of our Life-Energy, which can sometimes bind and drive you. In Winter Eros Retreat you are offered the chance to discover a new connection to your Sexuality, to experience it and channel it in new directions.

On every level of relationship, the community of men in Winter Eros Retreat will be a mirror and support for you, so that you discover easily and playfully, new steps on your personal path. We will support you during this Workshop, to conclude your past year in peace and bring up harmonic plans for the new one.

Three international Trainers offer a broad program:
Morning Sessions: Body, stillness, the inner Vinyasa yoga, Partner yoga, directed meditation, free meditation, and breathwork.
Afternoon Sessions: Community, exchange, relationships, small groups, sex – issues, social meditations, group dynamics.
Evening Sessions: Rituals, energies, movement, celebration, letting flow, dance, 5 rhythms, massage/touch, sound.

The Days After
For those who want to combine the Retreat with a visit to Berlin, there will be an after-Retreat Meeting in Berlin. So you have time enjoy the connections you have made in the group, to explore Berlin together with some new friends. 

We will have a couple of daily meetings at 10 in the morning at the GLS Workshop room in Mehringdamm 66. We gather for a couple of hours, doing meditation and integration of the retreat. If you like we can plan little city-tours, cafés, cinema, museums and going out in the evening together. There will be a little daily contribution for hosting the group, we can discuss this at the Retreat.
To stay together we suggest that you take a room nearby, e.g Hotel Transit (Hostel w single rooms) or Hotel Sarotti-Höfe.


Interviews for Winter Eros Retreat: