What should I consider before the training?

The duration of the daily sessions in the modules is 8-10 hours. We will do a lot of bodywork, breathwork and introspection alongside the massage practice, so we recommend that you take some time to integrate after the sessions.

Also, please try not to attend social events or meet people outside of the training group after the sessions, as your mind and body need some rest to integrate.

We recommend either sleeping at the venue or booking accommodation close to the venue.

What happens if I cannot take part in a training module or supervision?

If you are unable to attend for an important reason, we will give you the opportunity to make up the training module or supervision on another date. An important reason is, for example, illness or unforeseen work commitments. In this case, you need to tell us about your situation and only pay a small rebooking fee. If you are unable or unwilling to attend for other personal reasons, you will have to pay the normal course fee for the module you wish to make up. Please also note that your certification will then be postponed. It is important for the Massage Practitioner that you complete modules 1 and 2 with the group in any case. For 2024 and 2025, depending on your personal learning progress, you may be able to replace one of modules 3 or 4 with other modules (5, 6, ...), provided that you acquire the theoretical aspects from the manual and acquire the practical skills self-taught. In this case, we will of course check this.

You can usually make up for supervisions in the following month, sometimes even in the same week if you are linguistically flexible.

Will I receive a certification?

Yes, after successfully completing all modules and tasks you will be certified as a Gay Love Spirit Massage Practitioner and also listed on our homepage as a Massage Practitioner.

If you have not taken part in all modules, have not completed your homework or we have the impression from client feedback that you are not yet able to offer independent sessions at a professional level, we can issue you with a certificate of attendance. You may need a little more time to integrate what you have learnt or a little more experience. But that doesn't matter. You can then continue at your own pace, catch up on any missing modules or homework and we will then certify you as soon as all points have been fulfilled.

Will I be able to offer professional massage sessions with other men independently once I am certified?

After completing the entire course, you will definitely be able to offer your own professional sessions, and if you want to, you can earn money from it. If that is not your goal, you will have the experience and knowledge to significantly improve your own sensual life.

Our aim is to optimise learning through the integration of theory and practice and therefore we are happy to give you the opportunity to work with us after successful certification. Our recent graduates have already given many massage sessions to put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Do I need a massage table at home?

This is definitely recommended. However, it depends a little on your individual preferences. Some men prefer to work on the floor rather than at a table. If you prefer to work on the floor, you can buy a good shiatsu mat in Germany from yogabox, for example. If you have limited mobility, i.e. less flexibility, we definitely recommend working at a table. Here we recommend a wooden table. Please note that the table should be wide enough so that you can also "work" on tall men. After use, oil stains on the table should be cleaned thoroughly with soapy water, otherwise the surfaces will age quickly and begin to disintegrate.

In Germany, the specialised dealers Clap-Tzu and Bodynova usually have good products. We usually work with the following lounger (76cm wide): https://bodynova.de/massageliegen-stuehle/klappbare-liegen/massageliege-balance-ii-76-cm.html You can also order Bodynova items from us and receive a 10-15% discount.

With a little patience, you may also be able to get hold of a good table on Ebay classifieds.