We consider ourselves pioneers in the personal growth of men who love men, however they identify - gay, bisexual, queer or transgender.

We are a beautiful, exciting and diverse international community that seeks to grow together, and experience joy and intimacy together on the path to greater inner and outer freedom.


Inner growth through fun and connection

Most of us are born into families and social relationships that are, to a lesser or greater extent, anti-pleasure, anti- erotic and encumbered by religious or moral strictures.  These conditions leave their mark on our development and are firmly anchored in our consciousness in numerous ways.

As a response, we seek to provide one of the best, most authentic spaces for our family to come together to share joy and fun.  We enjoy and promote the sunny side of our sexuality and the supportive and strengthening elements of our community of men.

Thus we open ourselves to the transformative power of love and to the connection of spirit, nature and Mother Earth.


Inner growth through authentic encounter

We believe that we can only achieve sustainable inner growth through encountering all aspects of ourselves, and lovingly accepting our many facets.  This happens through meditation, body work, yoga, tantra and the many spiritual processes and rituals that we experience together. Our individual path provides us with opportunities to identify and confront our demons and so to take away their power to chain, influence or hinder us.  Our community offers everyone the chance to be supported by the others in achieving greater freedom step by step.


The gay world is not homogenous

If we use the various legal statuses of a gay relationship as defining parameters, we can see that, for gay men, the countries of the world divide into four categories: in Category 1 are those countries with equal marriage for homosexuals (blue).  Category 2 comprises those countries with registered but not equal partnerships (pale blue); in Category 3 countries we are more or less ignored and in Category 4 countries we are persecuted, imprisoned or subject to the death sentence.

But even in countries where we are supposed to be legally safe, we are still sometimes chased down the street, insulted and threatened with violence.  This situation – especially when coupled with growing up in a pleasure hating family - that many people worldwide who experience their sexuality and express love in ways other than the heteronormative, is another part of a reality that negatively and often threateningly intrudes into our lives.  It reinforces the need to live according to our own values, to realise our dreams, to hold together as a community and to grow and love together.


What does freedom mean for us?

For us, freedom means the ability to make good choices.  But for this we need both inner and outer freedom.  Going shopping with a gold credit card in a chic department store holding the latest iPhone is, for us, just one tiny part of freedom.  To really enjoy freedom we must have our material needs met, but we also need to care for ourselves on every level and to consciously engage with our desire for love, sex, connection and community.  Part of this involves making compromises within our communities.  Only in this way can freedom guarantee us the chance to live our dreams.



Every person deserves the same respect and has the right to live out his sexuality and spirituality freely.  For us, this means that anyone who feels drawn to us can become part of our community, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, external appearance or financial status.

We recognise that some of us come from deeply inequitable social and material positions so, for men on a low income there is a concessionary rate.  If this is still beyond your means, there is the opportunity to support us through working with us, as well as several bursaries (free places) that that the more privileged members of our community enable by paying higher fees to support the less privileged.

We are as yet (still) a part-time community

Our community consists of many meetings in workshops, retreats, training courses, rituals, individual sessions and private encounters.  In all these situations we are always conscious of providing and maintaining a safe, boundaried space.  Alongside our seminar and training programmes, we are in the process of creating a limited online community to allow us to stay in contact with likeminded people and to continue to grow together.