According to historical record, there have been cultures in the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and India for several thousand years where sex and spirit were experienced as one. By means of rituals, meditation and full body experiences, those cultures knew how to transcend the separation of male and female, body and mind as well as light and shadow. In this way unity and the divine could be experienced directly within the body.

Today and in recent history many movements and groupings can be traced back to this old tradition. Gay Love Spirit is one of them. Through various forms of rituals, touch, meditation, sensory awareness, dance and stillness we connect to our longings and desires and allow for their expression.

In this way we support and strengthen our own individual path.
The wealth of experiences we offer lead to:

- discovering your sexuality anew: more intimacy, pleasure and depth in your daily life
- connecting a joyful, lively and creative spirituality with your lust and sensuality
- fulfilling relationships and new relational skills, beyond habitual limitations